Redirect to URL

I have a Skuid page with a Save button that needs to redirect to different Skuid pages, based on the logged in user. For instance, I created unique calendar pages for our sales rep. When they click Save on our master page, can I redirect them to their respective calendar page based on their user id? Currently, the Save redirects to the standard Salesforce calendar, but ideally we want them redirected to their Skuid calendar. This is my current URL: redirecting to the standard calendar page.

Not sure how many users you have in your org

If not many, You could go the simple way of create multiple Save buttons, and render the proper one based on user Id

I believe this would be a good place for page assignments, no?

Can’t you just make one calendar page that has a condition to only show the events associated with a particular user?  (See the “running user” section of the condition value drop down) 

As I actually tried this yesterday for the first time, here’s a Screenshot in case you need it

I actually followed Rob’s advice (thanks!) and created one “master” calendar that has a condition that owner ID equals running user ID. This works great and then in keeping the separate regional calendars, can still let the manager open by region as needed. I just have to remember to update this new master calendar with any UI changes to the regional calendars as the users have no idea they are not viewing the same calendar. :slight_smile: Thanks all and special thanks (again) to Emily for her assistance.

Glad you got this figured out.  I’ll pass on your special thanks to Emily since she is sitting right here beside me…