Redirect to URL with URL Encoding for Special Characters

I am trying to create a Clone button that redirects to a URL and I am passing the following parameters, see below .  All parameters are separated by the & symbol (ampersand special character).  My problem is that one of the values I am passing contains a & symbol.  Is there a way to tell Skuid to automatically URL Encode the values before passing to the URL string?


Yes, there is a global merge function you can use called encodeUrl that will achieve this.

Assuming that “Care Area” is the parameter that can contain URL-unsafe characters, do this:


For more info on these merge functions, see the API docs on Global Merge Variables / Functions.

Excellent!  Thank you very much!

I believe you can surround your parameters with {{urlEncode}} to get that effect.Or you might have to do something like this: PumpType={{#urlEncode}}{{Pump_Type__c}}{{/urlEncode}}. I guess you can try both…

I was pretty close! Zach’s just really fast… 

This site provides EXCELLENT support.   Thanks to both of you.

Thanks Moshe, I should leave posts untouched for 30 minutes to give you a chance to answer first :slight_smile: