Redirect to URL in page region

Is it possible to point a URL redirect to a page region?

The white space below is my page region and i’d like any URL redirect to be reflected in that page region so that a user cannot navigate out of the skuid page. For instance, let’s say a user clicks their name and selects “Profile” which redirects to: /_ui/core/userprofile/UserProfilePage?tab=sfdc.ProfilePlatformFeed&isdtp=vw

Would it be possible to make that URL feed in to the white space below while keeping the rest of the UI intact?

I think you probably want to display an inline frame in a template component. The white space would be your template Component. You would render it if certain conditions are met that could be set by a clicking a button. You could make the URL of the inline frame dynamic so that you can force it to load a specific website, or you could make several template components and render only one at a time. However, I don’t think Salesforce pages cant be displayed as inline frames due to click-jack protection.

Got it. Thanks for the quick response!