Redirect to URL Breaking With Certain Formats of Website

I am having an issue with a table action “Redirect to URL”. The URL that should be opening in a blank page is the Website field from the account record on the row the “Redirect to URL” is clicked. This action is not functioning correctly for all website formats.

After troubleshooting, this is what the issue SEEMS to be, although there could be other things at play here. For example, when the icon is clicked for a website in the format (with a / at the end) it works just fine as intended. However, when the icon is clicked for a website in the format (without a / at the end) the redirect fails and the following error message shows up:

To attempt to workaround this error, I appended a blackslash to the website name. Now, when the icon is clicked for a website in the format (with a / at the end) it still does not work, but a new error message shows up:

I verified in Salesforce these website URL’s are valid, and when clicked in Salesforce go to the account website.

In another attempt to workaround this error, I made an html template field that shows up in the table as “Website” and when clicked goes to the account’s website (essentially the same thing as a redirect), and the same errors occur as for the row action.

I would like support on this issue, I am trying to figure out what needs to be changed on our end to have the Redirect to URL work for all account websites.

Thank you!

Hi Lauren, Which version of Skuid are you using?

Hi Jannik,
We are using Skuid 8.15.7

Lauren, Can you update to the latest version, to see if that solves the problem? I’m somehow not able to reproduce that. - How does your row action exactly look like? - Does the url look good in the address bar, when a blank page is opened?

I wasn’t aware we did not have the latest version, what is the current version number?

This is the row action:

The url does not look good, the url it goes to is https://procoretechnologies–, rather than just going to the website url

I’m able to reproduce that now. Our devs are aware of that and I will update you as soon as possible.

Make sure, that the websites start with “http://”. If you enter a website that starts with “www” it won’t work, even if “http://” is automatically prepended after saving. 

Let me know if that is the problem.


Our websites are in the format http://, so that is not the problem. 

Thank you

What display type is specified on the website field?

Hi Jannik - 
I am following up on this issue and was wondering if anything has been fixed on Redirect to URL’s with the website field. Apologies on my end for not getting back to you - the Data Type is URL(255)