Redirect record link in table to popup?

I have a table under a new tab that shows a list of records of a specific record type.  I am showing the record “Name” as one of the table columns.  By default, that Name is a link that when clicked opens the page in Salesforce Classic.  What I need for it to do is open the record in a Skuid Popup window instead.  Is there an easy way to accomplish this?


I’ve used templates (allowing html) to redirect to another page.   I’m curious to hear if there is a way to launch popups.

You should be able to use an HTML editor like to create HTML code to open a popup, then paste that HTML into a template field in your table.

Thanks Raymond.  I’ll give that a try.


I did it using the row action method in this post:

where you create a row action that is your pop up, and then a field render snippet that creates a clickable link to trigger the pop up.  I found the pop up management easier using the declarative builder to control its contents.

This would make a good feature request. Each reference field could have four options: 1) open in current window 2) open in new window 3) open in popup 4) open in sliding panel

Another option on this is to disable the on-click functionality of the reference field by using a template field with three {. Example: {{{Name}}}. Then add a row action button to open the popup with that record.

I think you have hit on the perfect option Raymond.  I had already considered removing the “link” by using a template field.  Adding the row action to open the record in a popup will certainly take care of this use case and not be too impactful to the end users.  Thanks as always for your great suggestions!

This is a great idea Chandra.  I personally tend to have some issues with Snippets and JavaScript because I’m not a coder so I tend to stay away from those options if there is a declarative way to achieve the same thing.