Redirect back to Skuid page after Conga Pointmerge action

I have a custom Object called “Project” (a model on a Skuid Page).  There is another object/model called “Claims”.  The Claim records are viewed in a Drawer within a table.

From the drawer I am launching a Conga Pointmerge process using a Skuid button (using the existing SF button/actions).  This works perfectly. The Conga process merges data to an attachment and then emails that document.

The problem is that I am returned to the standard SF Claim detail page, but I would like to return to the Skuid Project Page - and in particular to the Tab and Drawer I was working from.

Is there a way to do this?

Alternatively, can I launch the Conga process in a pop-up window.  I also tried using a Skuid Popup but the process goes back to the same standard SF detail view.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I think there may be two ways to get this working. 

1. If the Conga Pointmerge process has the option of including a RetUrl parameter - this could be set to go directly to the Skuid page you are interested in.  I have no clue whether this is a feature Conga provides,  but it is pretty standard with Salesforce and other partner products that I have used.  That parameter will look somthing like  this:   


Notice the special characters that are associated with the URL Encoding. 

2. Once you have implemented your claim detail page using the VF page override process,  the standard redirect from the pointmerge (that goes to the claim detail page) will go to the Skuid page identified in the override.  This will be your easiest solution,  but will be problematic until you complete that override implementation. 

Hi Rob - thanks for those options. I’ll have a look at 1) when the sun comes up “down under.” I was thinkinking about 2) but I need to get back to the Project page into which the Claim page is nested. I’m not sure how this part of the re-direct works.

Oooh my bad.  I didn’t ready your original post carefully enough.  If the conga process is dumping you back out on the Claim page,  you will probably want to have a “Skuid Claim Detail” page using that override. 

Of course you can put any skuid page in the override wrapper - so you could have a “View Claim” action override direct you to a skuid page that was all about Projects.  But I’m not sure you’d find that to be viable user experience. 

So. Good luck on option 1. 

Hi Nicholas,

Have you got any solution for this? I am looking for the same thing.


Sayali - I just picked this message up.  No, I haven’t resolved this, as Conga dumps me back in the nested object and I haven’t worked out how to get the redirect working to an object which is not the master object.