Recreate 'New Related List Record' button in skuid with dynamic display of records

Hello All!

I am trying to recreate the below New Record button functionality:

Basically I have a custom meeting record object where I have created a junction object that stores an existing contact on the meeting record, thus allowing me to build a contact list of attendees. In salesforce classic this works great, simply his New CS Meeting Attendee, search the contact name and add them in.

Now I am trying to recreate this function in skuid, that is, the ability to add attendees (junction object records) and display them in a list in real time as they are added and saved.

So far I have tried a table and a search bar where the search will locate contact records and with a select action sequence that creates a new row (details pre filled in the action step), then the record is saved, then the model re queried. This did not work so well as it was unreliable and not working consistently.

I have tried to use the search component again but with a list like:

{{#AttendeeJunction.records}} - {{Contact__c}
But nothing shows up, even where there are records in the model.

Does anyone have any tips on how I can accomplish this? Please ask questions if I need to clarify more.



I think this matches what you want, This sample uses a Search component to add EventRelation records to a new Event. Each attendee is displayed in the table as you add them.



New {{Model.label}} {{Model.labelPlural}} EventRelations

Thanks Bill! I got it all squared away.