Recreate homepage scheduled meetings view

Has anyone been able to recreate the standard Salesforce “Scheduled Meetings” view that shows you your upcoming events for the next 7 days and their times and is grouped by they day?

I think it could probably be done with 7 models and some conditional rendering but I thought I would ask before trying on my own.

I’d use an aggregate model to first generate which days have Appointments within the next 7  days.

I’d follow this up with another basic model with the same condition in order to place them in drawers.

Lastly, I’d create some javsscript to auto open those drawers on page load and subsequently hide the row action.

You’d be left with one table with rows for days that have appointments and drawers of those events under each date.

Another way to do this without javascript would be to use 7 models and subsequently adopt all the rows into model in the proper order using action framework. Probably would have to place a Table within a Tab and use that tab’s “When First Shown” option for action framework to adopt the rows in the model used for the Table.

So EventsDay1 would be used in the Table Component, and EventsDay2-7 would be adopted into EventsDay1 in that order.