Records not showing in Drawers Table?

I am showing accounts with contacts in list view(contacts are showing with help of drawers)Every thing is working fine except below issues in Drawers

1.I gave “show all” in visible rows (in Pagination section of drawers).
But drawers table of accounts didn’t show all contacts.
When clicking “Load More” button, its showing all contacts.

How to load all contacts without “Load More” button click on Drawers contact table?
2. How to hide “Showing Rows 1-1 of 1+” in Drawers table?

My XML code:



var params = arguments[0],
$ = skuid.$;
var field = arguments[0];
var value = arguments[1];
if (field.mode === ‘edit’) {

var disabilityOptions = ;

skuid.$.each(skuid.model.getModel(‘Status’).getRows(), function(i,row) {
value : row.Status_Value__c,
label : row.Status_Value__c

var disabilitySelect = skuid.ui.renderers.PICKLIST.edit({
entries : disabilityOptions,
required : false,
value : value
}).change(function() {
} else {



Have you followed this tutorial?

What you are reporting seems like its associated with not using “before drawer opens - actions”  ,  model query issues, and table context issues.  All of these are addressed in that tutorial. 

You will need to adjust the Contacts Model Max # of records (Limit) setting.

thanks Rob and Irvin