record types and superbank problems

After upgrading to Superbank one of out customers are rerporting that some picklists now have more options. A quick check revealed that this seems to be because all picklist values from all record types are in the picklist instead of just the values that applies to the record type in question. Have not checked if this is just under certain circumstances but can do more checking if necessary. Just wanted to know if this is a known problem before I spend more time analyzing it.

We have not heard this reported yet — any specifics you can provide would be helpful, we’ll see if we can replicate as well.

Zach. I’ve done some testing and the problem is easy to reproduce. However it seems to only affect mobile pages. So in a standard Skuid Page picklists will have the correct possible values based on record type but in a Mobile Skuid Page the picklist will have all possible values regardless of record type. This was not the case in the previous version so the problem must have been introduced by the SuperBank update.

Thanks Peter.  We will look into the matter. 

We have identified the cause of the bug and it will be fixed in today’s release of Superbank, which will be pushed to all orgs at 9PM EST, but which will be available to install from the Skuid Releases page sometime this afternoon.

Continue to be impressed just how responsive your are to the community - Thank you.

This has been resolved in the latest patch to Superbank (6.8.1), available now from the Skuid Releases page, or you can wait about 6 hours and it should be in your orgs.

Thanks Zach, I can confirm that it now works as expected again.