Record Type Picklist Default Value Change not updating Skuid

I have an issue with Dependent picklist value sets and Record Type defaults for picklists. Everything works perfect if the page is created after the defaults and dependent settings are configured. However, if the defaults for a picklist per Record Type are changed after a page is created and/or dependent fields are changed afterward the Skuid page does not reflect those changes. It seems like Skuid caches these values or something… Any ideas how I can force my skuid page to use the new Salesforce settings for dependent fields and for record type defaults? I already tried closing and refreshing browsers, making a change to the page and save. 

Making any modification to your Skuid Page, and then saving, should force a refresh of the Dependent Picklists and Record-Type Dependent Picklists cache when viewing that page.

That does update the single page, is there a way to cause this to happen with all my pages without opening each one? When admins make changes to picklists and dependent values It will be cumbersome to open each page and change/save.

Jarrod, that’s a very good point — right now, no, there isn’t a way to do this “en masse”, it’s at a page-specific level, but this does not mean that you need to update all pages, and here’s why:

1. The caching is only done to Picklist metadata / Record Type dependent picklist values. So if you made some other change to a field, e.g. changed it’s max length, there’s no caching of that information.
2. The caching is done at an Object level, i.e. if you have 3 pages involving the Contact object, and 4 pages involving the Opportunity object, there will be only 2 caches: one for Contact, one for Opportunity. So if your admins make changes to picklist metadata / record type dependent picklist values for, say, the Contact object, the cache for the Opportunity object doesn’t need to be updated, so those 4 pages would not need to be updated. Moreoever, once users visit one of the pages that touch the cache that forces a cache refresh, the cache is refreshed for that object, so you wouldn’t need to edit the other pages that touch the cache on that object if you were sure that users would be touching one page touching the cache, if that makes sense.

Awesome, good to know I wont run into that.