Record timeline component

Has anyone found a way to make some kind of timeline that shows past to present with markers for records along the way? I would like to include cases (specific record types), events, tasks, custom object records in this timeline. I have seen some Javascript components out there but curious how or if anyone has built something within a skuid page using a timeline?

This would be a really cool custom component.  I have not heard of anyone creating this,  but it would be really sweet! 

Because skuid uses jQuery so extensively, we have heard lots of examples of folks integrating jQuery plugins.  There seem to be a pretty good number out there… 

Can you please convert this to an Idea. This would be great!

I had to recreate SF LEX Activities Timeline in order to include activities from additional related records to the Account and it was a lot of custom work.

Not sure a separate component is necessary here - but this is an interesting pattern. I’ve actually thought some about it and think there are declarative solutions. They are advanced solutions but they are declarative.

We should absolutely build some examples around. Pat - you could even submit a sample of what you’ve created to Skuid Labs and the community could go about making it better.

What ya say? I will convert it to an Idea.

Wondering if the activity timeline above was ever submitted to Skuid lab. I need to recreate a timeline like that for custom objects and would love some details on how you did this.