Record Locking - Preventing multiple users from editing the same object at the same time?

Is there a way to lock an object as it is being edited so that 2 people can’t edit the same object at the same time? For instance in an editable table when you go in to edit a row and there are unsaved changes, someone else shouldn’t then be able to also edit that same object while it is being edited by the first user making edits to it. On standard Salesforce pages this is taken care of by record locking; as an an object is being edited on it’s Salesforce page by 1 user, another user becomes unable to make edits to the object and an error is displayed that the item is locked / currently being edited by another user. How is this accomplished by SKUID?

We depend on the Database to provide error messaging when a save is attempted.  This is best handled at the database level,  rather than trying to handle it in the UI. 

I see, so in other words it’s up to who saves the item last to determine which saved information is actually saved to the database? This seems problematic with the potential for people to lose their changes if multiple people are editing an object at the same time. Is there no other locking strategy for when 2 people are in the process of making an edit to the same item at the same time?