recent items/sidebar component

I want to replicate/improve the salesforce classic collapsible side bar in my skuid pages. Has anyone developed such a thing?

If not collapsible, is it possible to wrap text in columns? Forcing them to be a certain width, regardless of the character length.

Below is a screenshot of “Recent Items” on the left, with the main home page next to it. I want to be able to display the home page on more than 60% of the page, ideally the recent items would only take up 20% thought this isn’t working as i’d like right now. Any thoughts?

Hi Glen,

Just a thought I wanted to share here - This could be a use case for conditional rendering. My thinking being, you could set up a UI only Model with a checkbox field defaulted to true. Then, If you were to nest the recent items table in a wrapper, you could use buttons to show/hide the table by setting that field to true/false respectively to replicate collapsing the sidebar in Classic Salesforce.

I’m sure others can chime in with other ways to tackle this as well. I’ll keep an eye out to see what else is shared here. Feel free to let me know if this helped, or not. I can always see if I can share some other ideas or resources!



Hi Josh

I’ve ended up using a button with “Toggle Sliding Panel” action type, thanks very much for the inspiration, I wasn’t aware of this feature :)