Read-only table - drawer action

I noticed that if a table is Read Only, I can’t make a row action of type Drawer.  I can work around it by doing multiple actions and drawer is there, but just wondering if I am missing something, or if it has always been this way.  I use drawers to display children records a lot - and sometimes I don’t want my tables editable, but the ability to view the child info.

You could make it Read w/ inline edit and make all fields read only, remove the ability to add a row inline, remove save/cancel buttons, and remove default row actions. Then you would have same thing as a read only table but with the ability to add row actions for your drawer.

I otherwise think it’s an oversight on the design. Should be able to choose drawer. You can otherwise multiple action type action and choose the drawer action.

Create the table as Read with Inline-Editing and build out the drawer.  Later change to Read Only and you should be good to go.  I just changed one of my tables as described and the drawer continues to function.

I just usually go with the  “mutli step” action route.  Since 90% of the time when I make a stand alone drawer or popup - I end up needing other actions and having to muck in the XML so that I don’t have to recreate the whole thing from scratch. 

We have envisioned some improvements to the whole action definition mechanism (Some of which Pat suggested a while back).   It should fix lots of these rough edges… 

Sounds good. I’m familiar with the work-arounds and employ those, just couldn’t recall if this was a regression with the new version.  Thanks everyone!

This is a bug that will be fixed in upcoming Superbank patch release 6.8.7 — you will be able to add Drawers to Tables regardless of mode.

The fix for this is now available in patch 6.8.7, available from