Re-using an Action in Multiple Places (Custom Built Action)

As we’ve continued to build out much more complex Skuid pages across different objects (Lead, Lead tab, Opportunity, Account, Contact and now some custom objects), and as we’ve continue to grow our team so that we have multiple people collaborating on developing these pages, I’ve realized the need to be able to call “methods” if you will on performing the same actions in different places.

Here’s my current use case: creating new opportunities from our Account page. I need to update all of the Opportunity create pop-ups with an additional lookup field to a custom object called Subscription, and within that want to modify the “Search Fields”. The problem is these are the different pop-ups we have for Opportunity creation:

  • Manual New Opportunity (Record Type = Enterprise)
  • Manual New Opportunity (Record Type = Renewal)
  • Manual New Opportunity (Record Type = Coterminous)
  • Automated Product Overage Tasks leading to Opp Creation (exists on our main tab and an Activities tab)
  • Scheduled Events leading to Opp creation (exists on our main tab and an Activities tab)
So that’s 7 different ways to create an opp. If I wanted to add that Subscription lookup field to each pop-up, the ways I would do it now are:
  • Manually in each location
  • Copying XML into each

Is there a better way to do this? I suppose a Page Include is one way to go about it, but would that get excessive if I have a lot of scenarios like this? I’d also like to potentially have the ability to modify individual uses when necessary.

My ideal solution: have the ability to create a custom action type with all of the Basic settings, rendering options, search, filtering, etc. fully customizable. Then I can simply drag and click that action into the actions tab onto something like a pop-up, or drop a customized field into a field editor.

Would something like that be possible, or is there an alternative?