Raw Action Filter With value from model(Select Row Field Value)

When we are created Row action in table then we want to use rendering filter that will check value of row field value.

I used as : {{{row.Indicator__r.Benchmark_Value__c}}}

But it’s not working.

Can any one let me know how can we can use filter criteria that will check field value?


You can fix this by using a UI-only field that has your formula logic in it. In this case create a ui-only formula field with the formula: IF({{Value__c}}>{{Indicator__r.Benchmark_Value__c}},‘True’,‘False’) Then have a render condition for Ui-Only Field = True. What’s weird is I couldn’t get this to work when the formula was a checkbox field. Does anyone know what value to return to make a checkbox yes or no? I thought it was True and False, or TRUE and FALSE, but that doesn’t work. Worked perfect when I made it text field.