Quickly Navigating Between Accounts

In my old CRM there was a drop down list in the right corner that allowed users to quickly navigate between accounts without going back to the list view.  There were also two arrows that allowed you just to jump to the next account without using the drop down.  The feature would allow you to stay on the same page but just refresh the data to display the new client that was loaded.

The Queues are a similar idea.  I can show a list of clients with a page include and load the clients in.  In some ways it is better because it is searchable and filterable.  I had 2 questions:

1. When I click on the next account in the list it resets my tabs to the starting point instead of remembering what tabs I had open.  I do have the tabs to “remember user’s last tab”.  Since it doesn’t remember where the user was it is not getting as much excitement as the old crm’s feature.  (If I am updating medical records I always want to stay on the same page to enter data for each client).
2. Are there any creative ways to reclaim the screen real estate.  For instance the standard “Create New” Salesforce menu hides away on the left side of the page.  It can either be kept open or kept closed.  Is it possible to have a similar effect with the Queue?  I can keep it open when I am maneuvering a lot and keep it closed when I want more screen real estate.

These ideas aren’t drop dead necessary they would just speed up my UI or make it flexible for both types of users.


1.- I think the remember tab is only working with that object (or row, probably if you go to the previous account the tab will be remembered. quick solution, put that tab the first.

2.- To have in the queue the same behaviour than in the left menu you have to do it with javascript. You can make a button to toggle css(display none) in the classes nx-queue and nx-queue-header to hide or show the queue.

Rich - Sounds like you were up late thinking about making your system better.  That’s either really cool or really sad. I’m not sure which. 

A few responses: 
1. We can emulate the “drop down account picker” with the action framework.  There have been some posts about arbitrary filters.  You can check those out. 

2. There are some challenges to a “previous / next” button.  Mostly related to interrogating which row in the model should be shown.  Its not beyond what could be done in Javascript - but its not 100% declarative. 

3. The two suggestions you provided  (Remember tabs in queue detail pages and Collapsalbe queues)  are definitely on our list.  We’ve known about them and they will be fixed.  I just can’t say when…  Sorry. 

Thanks for the good commentary though. 

:slight_smile: I often wonder if my life is really cool or really sad based on the amount of time I spend on projects like these. But in this case the answer is: Totally cool.

My team has stressful jobs helping people with disabilities. My team is amazing, they are selfless and just good people to be around. Anything I can do to relieve stress, make their jobs cooler, or speed up the mundane is a huge win for me and for them.

Quick personal story. I implemented the Ideas feature in Salesforce and I roll out my last group on Wednesday. All data is imported and we are fully live. The cool thing is that I have at least 6 pages of “it would be cool if” feature requests on the ideas page. Things people have wanted to make their jobs easier for some time (not available in our old system). None of them are “its broke. Fix it” requests. They are all positive ideas and simple improvements. Because of Skuid the coolest thing about this list is they are almost all marked “Now Available” and they were not just merely completed I actually improved on many of their ideas with cool Skuid features like drawers and filtered lists that only showed them what they needed to see or multiple actions with the actions framework. So I exceeded expectations with Skuid tools.

What that means is my Org has morphed from a really good system to amazing just in the weeks since full roll out. The cool part about my story is my team totally knows I care about them and their ideas. They know I want to make their lives and jobs easier and less stressful or mundane. That is powerful, and that is what makes a late night cool and not sorry. The energy that flows into an organization when it is being innovative and the company is literally becoming better each week is awesome. The ability to actually listen to end user’s issues and ideas and implement them quickly is empowering. They also get the credit for a cool new feature which turns them into an innovator and contributor too.

Thank you SKUID team for making it possible to innovate and be responsive to our end users. You allow me to show my employees that I care about them. You are creating solutions that affect people’s lives. It’s way more than just UI it is personalization and empowerment. I don’t think you even know how cool you are. :slight_smile:

Rich - that is just beyond cool!   Thanks for sharing.  Consider yourself a poster child for the kind of continuous improvement culture we are trying to point folks to. 

We are EVER-thankful for your continuous kind words and helping get the word out about Skuid! It’s so neat to hear about all the awesome work you’ve been able to do for your organization. Keep us posted! :slight_smile: