Quickbooks REST API

We tried to get data from Quickbooks. But since it’s Oauth1 we noticed, that can be quite a pain.

Quickbooks API:

Quickbooks Authentication and Authorization:

That’s what we have so far:

Authentication Provider:

Model Service:

Settings on Inuit dev-account:

Model properties on page:

When we load the page, a popup appears:

Error on page:

  1. Error retrieving metadata for Model(s) associated with Data Source ‘Quickbooks’. Please check Models’ properties to ensure they are set correctly. Error connecting to REST Data Source at URL "https://sandbox-quickbooks.api.intuit.com/v3": Unable to authenticate to service “Quickbooks”: Login has been cancelled

If someone knows how to get a step further, we would appreciate that.


Unfortunately, OAuth 1.0 is not currently supported for Skuid Authentication Providers — the presence of OAuth 1.0 in the dropdown for Authentication Method is due to a regression, it should not be available to select. So unfortunately Quickbooks is not a possible endpoint to connect to with Skuid right now.

Thank you for the response…

Zach, is this still not possible in Rockaway? QB integration via Skuid would be very helpful for lots of us as I’m sure you know. I just don’t want to put our resources into it if its not possible right now.

We have been able to achieve this leveraging a middleware called cData (http://www.cdata.com/) - http://www.cdata.com/drivers/qbonline/cloud/

This is an odata layer that allows you to connect Skuid to all tables in QB.