Queues and Responsive Grids vs Panel Sets

I use the Queue Component in a Panel Set Component, the Queue was on the left to load a record into the right.  Knowing that panel sets are deprecated what is the best practice when using Responsive Grids to accomplish a similar behavior? 

The issue I am running into is on wider tables the detail page is responsively dropping below the queue.  This makes it look like the page is unresponsive when clicking on the queue because it is halfway down the page.  I have played with Fixed width Responsive Grids set to 1000px which works great on small laptops but on large screens where they have more room it makes it look squished.

Should I just go back to Panel Sets or is there a way achieve a similar result with Responsive Grids?

Thank you!

Rich, I think I’ve run into this before, and unless something has changed, I think this is the one thing that Panel Sets do well and that Responsive Grids don’t. I’ve asked around internally and will post here if I find another way.