Queue Filter Default Behaving Oddly

I have a queue filter which is has three settings
A) Defined as the Off filter
B) Activates Condition 1 and Deactivates Condition 2
C) Activates Condition 2 and Deactivates Condition 1

Firstly, a filter label like “Select an Option” would be helpful, becuase currently a new user viewing this filter is not necessarily aware of its function.

Secondly, when I select the “Filter Off” option, I am not convinced that it is setting the model back to default Conditions. First piece of evidence: the filter changes values back to setting two in the filter selection list and another piece of evidence is that I can see the still limited queue values being truncated by the condition (which is supposed to be off).

Have I mistaken the proposed use of the Filter Off option? Does it make sense for me to assume that it not only turns off the current filter, but reverts the model back to defaults (ie this condition is filterable but default is off).

Thanks for the help,


You can add a specific manual filter source that DeActivates both Condition 1 and 2 and label this item “Filter off”  or “All Items”.  This brute force solution is often necessary in this sort of multiple condition scenarios.
You can then make the lable of the “filter off” setting be a “Select an Option” label - or get rid of it entirely.  Just know that if you allow cookies to save the filter value - the user will not see “Select and Option” when they go to the queue the second time.

Hope that helps.