Queue Enhancements - Side panel, global & row actions

Would like to see the following enhancements for Queues:

1) Update “Panel” - This would be a combination of the drawer concept and update page include concept.  In short, instead of expanding a drawer below the queue item, allow for designating a “panel” where the contents are displayed.  While useful, drawers are rather cumbersome when navigating lots of records (table or queue).  The drawer functionality is great, just would like to be able to target where the drawer should go.  Page includes are also useful in their own right, but when dealing with “lists” and “details about list items”, handling navigation, model changes, etc. between the parent page and the include page is challenging.  an “Update Panel” action would bring both of these concepts together.

2) Add global actions - Akin to table global actions

3) Add row actions - Akin to table row actions

Here’s a demo of all 3 concepts:

Hi Barry, this is really cool. We would love to get this functionality in the product.

Thanks Ben!  Would love to see this added to the stock feature set. I’ve wanted something like this for a long time, finally decided to just dig in and figure it out.  Wasn’t trivial to pull off (let’s just say the skuid.ui.Queue is no longer ‘function f(a)’ but instead function TFGQueue(a)) but it’s working and so far, users love it :slight_smile:

Row actions for Queues would be awesome! Any chance this is coming soon?