Question updating field in one model with a field from another model

Hello -

To keep it simple, say I have two models and fields
Model A → Field
Product1UpContract → Price_Per_Case__c
Model B → Feild
Product1ContractPricing → UP_Contract_Uplift__c

Note - Model B also has a field called Price_Per_Case__c

I would like to update the Product1ContractPricing → UP_Contract_Uplift__c field with the Product1UpContract → Price_Per_Case__c field.

Everything I read seems to say this should be done with the action framework.

I set the Action up on the Product1UpContract (Model A) as shown below. The action is firing but it seems like it is updating the UP_Contract_Uplift__c field with the Price_Per_Case_c from Model B not Model A. Any thoughts?

Not sure I totally followed, but try the extended merge syntax to specify the model: