question on javascript remoting function from Skuid


I have a scenario like mentioned below:

A function to call APEX from skuid snippet, which takes a parameter “userType”.
If the event is not successful and on some specific error code., would like to modify that parameter to “some other” and need to call this function again.


//already some happening code
//I am good here to do something
else if(event.status === false && result.errCode === ‘user exists’){
//need to modify param
userType = ‘existing’;
//call this apex method again
// here instead of pasting the function call"myController.myApexFunction(userType,function(r,e){})" , I thought of using , to move the control to the line above where the apex function call starts.



Has anyone tried using goto.js used from Skuid ?

When I tried to include this as an external script on my page, and tried to create a label as suggested in goto.js documentation ( )

I got the error on label creation line as shown below:

I know why this is due to the type of script has to be mentioned like “text/jsplusgoto” as used in below sample html page code:

" title="Link http//summerofgotocom/js/parseScriptsjs/script"\>"\>; " title="Link http//summerofgotocom/js/gotominjs/script"\>"\>;

var i = 0;
[lbl] start:
console.log(“Hello, world!”);
if(i < 10) goto start;

now, the Question here is : how could I let the SKUID - Snippet know that it would be aware of the label creation in this case ?
or in simple words - how to let the skuid snippet to be aware this is of type **__**