Question of on implementing Asset management (Asset management detail page) in skuid

HI, We have an object to track IT assets within the organization. On the Asset detail page, i have a related list fort Employees (meaning that the related list shows the list of employees that the asset was provisioned till date). At one given time, the asset should only be provisioned to one Employee. In the screenshot above, the checkbox “Provisioned” says that the asset is currently lying with the person who is under the assigned to field. Now in that screenshot above, the “Provisioned” checkbox is checked for two records (meaning the asset is assigned to employees). But ideally, at one particular time, an asset should be assigned to only one employee or one record (the checkbox field should be checked for only one record). So i don’t understand on how to solve this issue or what approach should i follow to solve the issue. Because right-now, there is no validation kind off thing to check all the child records (employee records related to an asset) and say that this asset was already provisioned to an employee so it cannot be provisioned to another person. Can we solve this issue by creating a condition or a salesforce formula or by using any other native functinlity of skuid? Can anyone tell me on how should i approach this issue and solve it. Thank you. -Avinash

You might consider making a new look up relationship field on the asset object that looks up employee records and make that your field for determining who it is provisioned to. That way only one person can be assigned at once in that field. If you don’t make it required at the salesforce field level, you could then empty the field when an employee is done with it so that others know it is available.

Good suggestion.