query string

Hello all,  I am new to Skuid and have been having trouble with filters lately.   I’ve created 2 queues from the standard Accounts and Contacts objects and would like to filter my contacts queue based on an account queue selection.  I only want those contacts that belong to the selected account to be populated in the queue.  Is this something that I should be able to accomplish with Query String? Thank you for your help.

Yes, absolutely – assuming that you have a page structure like this:

(Outer page) AccountsQueue
(Inner page) ContactsQueue

then you would do something like this:

In your AccountsQueue page, go to the Queue component’s Item Action, and set the query string to be accountid={{Id}}

In your ContactsQueue page, add a Condition to your Contacts Model on the “AccountId” field, set to “URL Parameter”, with Parameter Name being accountid.

Here is a screenshot of this in motion:

And here are links to the XML for some starter pages to get you started:

Outermost page: AccountsQueue
Middle page: ContactsQueue
Inner page: ContactDetail

Thanks for explaining this so thoroughly Zach, I can finally move on to the next challenge now :slight_smile: .  Thank You