Query data from REST source in Skuid

I want to display events attended by Salesforce contacts in a related list on the contact record. This event information will come from an external system - Eventsforce which is accessed via REST API.

In order to match the salesforce contact record, with the associated Eventsforce contact, I need to look up the attendees register, but to do this I need the eventID value which is stored in Eventsforce and not Salesforce.

The first query I can send gets me a list of all the events in Eventsforce, including the value in the eventID field.

The next query will get me all of the attendees for a given event. 

But how do I get the value from the eventID field into my second query above, can Skuid do this? Is this unachievable without me loading the eventID values into Salesforce via another means?

Hi Glenn

We have requested a login form Eventsforce so we can run some tests.  Linda will build out a test screen to check the data returned and how to link contacts and events.  Will get back to you in the next few days.