Push array of string in picklist

I have written a snippet which is as follows:

     var element = arguments[0],
     $ = skuid.$;
    var leadmodel = skuid.model.getModel(“Lead”);
    var raw= leadmodel.getFirstRow();
    var MatterType=raw.Matter_Type__c; // Field on skuid page
    var wlgoffice=raw.WLG_Office__c; // Field on skuid page
    var result = sforce.connection.query(“SELECT              
              Name,Attorney__c,Matter_Type__c,Wlg_Office__c,Attornies__c,Id FROM
               Consulting_Attorney__c where Matter_Type__c =’”+MatterType+"‘AND Wlg_Office__c
               =’"+wlgoffice+"’");  // Query on salesforce object

    var opp= result.getArray(“records”); 
    var string = opp[0].Attornies__c; 
    var array = string.split(’,’);  // Create an array of string

//Till Here snippet working fine

    var rowstoupdate ={};
    for(var a=0;a<array.length;a++){
        raw.Attorney__c = array[a];

Now i want to assign values of array to Attorney picklist(Attorney__c)  .

How i can achieve this?

Please help as this is urgent.

Thanks in advance 



Do you want to override the values in the Attorney__c picklist on every row, or just the row you’re working with in the snippet? If on every row, you’ll want to use a custom field renderer. Check out this community post to see an example of implementing a custom field renderer. You’ll have to make sure that your picklist options have all the properties that they should, which you can check here at our API reference.

Hi Amy,

Thanks for your help.

I have got my issue resolved.

Here is the script , I have used:
var element = arguments[0],value = skuid.utils.decodeHTML(arguments[1]),$ = skuid.$;

//Get Lead model information
    var leadmodel = skuid.model.getModel(“Lead”);
    //Fetch first row of Lead info.
    var raw= leadmodel.getFirstRow();
    // Get Matter type field value
    var MatterType=raw.Matter_Type__c;
    // Get WLG office field value
    var wlgoffice=raw.WLG_Office__c;
    // Perform query on salesforce object on basis of Matter type and WLG office on Lead
    var result = sforce.connection.query(“SELECT Name,Attorney__c,Matter_Type__c,Wlg_Office__c,Attornies__c,Id FROM Consulting_Attorney__c where Matter_Type__c =’”+MatterType+"‘AND Wlg_Office__c =’"+wlgoffice+"’"); 
    var Att = result.getArray(“records”);
var array = Att[0].Attornies__c.split(’,’);
var records = array.toString().replace(/,/g , “’,’”); 

// Fetch Salesforce users informations
var result1 = sforce.connection.query(“SELECT name FROM user WHERE Id in (’”+records+"’)");  
var Users = result1.getArray(“records”);
   // Create a array for Custom Picklist
var picklistEntries = [];

picklistEntries = element.metadata.picklistEntries;

// if you don’t do this, then the “real” values are already in the picklist and the code below will add duplicate values
picklistEntries.length = 0;     

        for(var a=0;a<Users.length;a++){
            picklistEntries.push( { value:Users[a].Name , label:Users[a].Name, defaultValue: false, active: true  });


Above script is being used to customise value of Salesforce picklist.

And here is second script for field rendering every time field will change

var params = arguments[0];

     var model = params.model;

    var $ = skuid.$;

console.log(‘Snippet Fired!’);

//  Loop through this model’s registered fields


    //  If this is the row that was updated, loop through the fields to find the one we want

    if ( this.id === ‘Attorney__c’) {