Publishing a Skuid Page: Rendered from an action sequence. Any issues?

I was testing an idea. I have a skuid page that has several page includes. I want a decision made by the user that affects model conditions on the primary page to flow through to all of the includes. So, I created a Skuid Page: Rendered triggered action sequence on the included pages that listen for Skuid Page: Rendered events on all active skuid pages on a specified channel. This makes sense to me.

I then wanted to trigger these action sequences through a button on the primary page. This is where I have the question. I have an action sequence on the primary page that, as the last action in the sequence, publishes the Skuid Page: Rendered event. The included pages hear this event and all activate conditions and requery. IT WORKS!

My question is: Am I messing anything eles up by creating a synthetic Skuid Page: Rendered event? The page is not actually rendering. I am just publishing a Skuid Page: Rendered event from an action sequence. It doesn’t seem like this would be an issue, I just want to make sure I am not missing anything.

Thanks. This functionality is excellent!

Love the hackery. Love the creativity. I agree with you that there is nothing on the surface that seems problematic with this approach. I just have to caution you that the unanticipated usage of this “page rendered” event would not be guaranteed to continue working going forward. I can imagine us finding some scenario that forces us to change the behavior of that event process, and we would not have tests in our suite to look at “synthetic use” of the event, and so wouldn’t catch the unanticipated issues until you encountered them post release.

But if you are ok with that longer term risk. I say go for it…

Well I’m going with it! It is working well

so far. If it stops working I’ll just have to trigger a parent page refresh instead which gets the job done.