Public site for private document submission

Hi Raymond,

There’s a good overview at this link which should help to get you started.

You should be able to control the public visibility of the records using criteria-based sharing rules - you might need a checkbox field on the object you’re dealing with, something like ‘File_Uploaded__c’ and then you can have a criteria-based sharing rules which says "If ‘File_Uploaded__c == FALSE’ then make the record public read-write.

That way, when a file is uploaded by the User, you can have a Skuid action, or even a workflow rule which marks ‘File_Uploaded__c’ as TRUE and the record will no longer be public.

I’m not sure whether the file uploaded could be posted to the chatter feed of that record - you’ll need to test it out and see - there are some limitations around what the site Guest User profile can do with Chatter and process-builder actions.

Hope that helps.