Public facing Skuid Pages!!

We have a wordpress site that keeps getting hacked, so we decided to rebuild the site using Skuid and sites. It’s been amazing! 

current site:
skuid site:

Still working on figuring out issues like how to get the address bar to not display and how to deal with navigating to multiple pages, especially considering we want to have a blog eventually, SEO ain’t going to be pretty.

But still, built the new site in half a day!! And it’s fairly mobile responsive too!!

Anyone else have public facing Skuid pages (besides that they want to share? Thought it would be nice to have a gallery of links. 

Fantastic Jack!

The issues regarding URL and SEO are totally addressable. We resolved these for the Skuid website as well (which of course was also built with Skuid) at .

May I suggest that you post those two issues separately in the Community for an engineer to address?

Hey Jack, did you implement this? Do you use it to collect info from the public into salesforce? How is it going?

ditto Raymond!

The website I had mentioned 3 years ago has been implemented:
There are a couple forms where we’re still using Formstack since we’ve never built a credit card integration into Salesforce, but the lead intake and certificate of formation filing are both native skuid.

I’ve personally stopped development on it, and one lingering issue is that we’ve had trouble getting the full theme css to load - the fonts in particular, it’s not supposed to be a serif font. 

It’s also been tricky at times getting things to look consistent across Internet Explorer AND Chrome/Firefox.

The last issue I’ll mention is that the two recent Salesforce issues - the one that killed skuid in communities, and the one that shut down whole orgs for half a day - both affected the website. So, historic uptime is great, but recent uptime is a little dodgy. 

Another place we’ve implemented something public facing is here:

We’ve had issues with that one, but more around our data model - having public site guest users creating Opportunities and Accounts and custom objects that join them is inherently a little tricky, due to limitations of the public site guest user not being able to edit Opps or Accounts, so you can’t save those until the very end of the wizard. If possible, I recommend using custom objects only with public facing pages, as even querying a record that was just created can be tricky with standard objects. 

Let me know if you have any specific questions about the implementation of these kinds of things, happy to help. 

Jack, as always, you are awesome! Thanks.