Public Beta for Skuid Releases

The Skuid community keeps growing…yay!

Seems like recent releases have been a bit…less than polished…I know I would and I’m sure many other consultants/developers would likely be happy to be part of public beta tests before General Availability rollout.

Love working with the product, and more than happy to help ensure it’s wonderful in future releases.

Yes, please! A couple of recent issues (e.g. themes, special character handling) have caused me to re-evaluate our strategy.

I agree. There needs to be more collaboration imho. That and known issues listed with each release.

Yes. Since getting bit by a few bugs in Brooklyn, we’ve always intentionally stayed one or two major releases behind. It means that we don’t get to use all the new gadgets, but it’s also allowed us to avoid a lot of the pain that comes with new releases. Every time there’s been a new release and I watch this community explode with new bugs, it confirms our approach for us.

Skuid, if you want your customers to adopt your new releases, do enough testing (through public beta or internally) that you can actually justify calling your product a “robust cloud UX design-and-deploy platform.” If you’re happy with the way things are, we’ll stay a major release behind.

Hey Conlan and company, thank you for the feedback. We hear you and agree that we need to make some changes to help ensure greater stability and success for our customers with each new release. In light of that, we’re in the process of revising our internal testing and release planning, as well as working on new public and private beta programs, and we’ll update here with more info in the near future.

Much appreciated Jackson. I certainly love how responsive Skuid always is here in the community, thanks for listening! We all want Skuid to keep building great new features, and we look forward to being part of that process to ensure a wonderful product experience for every client.

Hi everyone,
Quick update: new beta program plans are still in process but won’t be ready to roll out before our next major release in September. Look for more info on beta programs after the September release. Thanks for your patience and support and for continuing to push the Skuid experience. 

Hey Jackson,

What about simply putting the label "Beta" on the release page for a little while until users have had the ability to test and work through any major bugs in Sandboxes before calling marking it for "General Availability"?

Even before the full beta programs are available, it seems to me like putting that "Beta" label on the most recent release would solve a lot of headaches. When I see there is a new release, I assume it has been tested heavily and will run great when I install. So after I install, to find out something like the Feedback tool is not working or there are issues running Skuid in a Lightning Community environment, it appears to the client that I recommended a half-built product. If I had known that newest release was still in "Beta", I would have simply gone back to one of the more stable versions and started from there, avoiding some awkward conversations with the client.

Also, I want to express my appreciation that Skuid issues "pull" releases instead of immediately pushing new releases into our Salesforce environments. I have other app packages that insist on pushing updates which break the entire Salesforce environment. I am a big advocate of letting users choose when to upgrade, and I appreciate that you all have taken that strategy.



P.S. Excited to see this new major release!