Progress Indicator - Two different sales process

I have installed the progress indicator component and wish to use this on the opportunity page layout.

We currently have two sales process, with different stage values, and they’re two record types.

I wish to use the “Stage” field as the progress indicator, but this includes all values, regardless of record type.

How would I go about ensuring that only the values related to the record type appear as progress indicator bar values?


It looks like there's an issue where progress indicators don't respect picklists based on record type. It's rather roundabout, but I was able to find a workaround that might work for you. If you override the metadata of the picklist field you're using on the progress indicator, it will respect those. 

So, for instance, I have one model called Opps of a specific record type and its StageName is tied to a progress indicator. I then create another model, OppClone, that's a clone of Opps, but only has one record. Then, on the Opps model, I can override the StageName field to get its values from rows in a model. The model will be OppClone and the field StageName. You're basically setting the field to be the values it already is, but somehow the progress indicator respects the fields in the overridden metadata.

Thanks very much, that answers my question :slight_smile: not sure how to close the question though?

Great! And no need to close the question, we’ll mark it as answered on our end.