Profile based page permissions and page maintenance - Best practise?

Hey. For many pages we have, we need to let administrators have more control (edit, modify etc.) than others. We would like to do so in as maintainable, DRY way as possible.

For a given page for which I want to apply variable permissions of what one can do (as administrator or normal user), the only way I’ve seen so far is to make two versions of the page, each assigned to different profiles. That will lead to inconsistencies in the future between the pages however, or we would have to copy paste new functionality between the two pages. That’s going to become a mess for sure.

Is there a better way to go about this that someone knows about?

Edit: Guessing one could use permission sets or somesuch in Salesforce? Don’t have much experience with that to tell.

Think I answered my own question. Skuid apparently takes permissions into account, for example not showing a delete option on a model for whose object the given user has no permission to delete.

You are correct.  We respect all object and field level security settings in your org.  So if you craft that security structure,  a single page may work for mutliple profiles, simply by not showing fields that are not availalbe to the profile,  or making them read only. 

You can also use conditional rendering to show and hide elements of the page based on the profile of the active user.