Production Skuid Site Page on 11.0.6 is not loading/showing a blank white screen on custom URL


We recently upgraded Skuid to 11.0.6 and all of our site pages are just displaying a white screen without any content. There are no errors in the console. All we can see is a nx-page-content div with nothing inside it.

What is odd is all of our domains work for these site pages. It is just our custom URLs that no longer work. Any ideas what might be going on? 

Tim, did you give a Skuid package License to the Site Guest User? This is probably the issue if it is working fine in Sandbox but not in Production, assuming that you gave the necessary permissions to the Site Guest User’s profile (or assigned this user appropriate Permission Sets).

Hi Zach,

The site guest user does have a Skuid License as well as Skuid Page Viewer permission set. We also made sure to give the user appropriate permissions to objects/fields. We essentially followed this post

I was originally thinking it was a permission issue with the guest user, but after double checking everything and noticing that the version of the site pages are working, I’m not sure that it is. 

Thanks for the response. 


What about Sharing Settings on the Skuid Page record? You’ll need to share the Skuid Page record with the Site Guest User.


Where would I go to check that? I noticed in the more page actions/share I can’t select the site guest user to share with. The guest user does not show up in the user list.

Hello Tim
I think what Zach is talking about is the sharing settings for the pages object which comes as part of the Skuid managed package.

you can find it under Salesforce -> Setup -> Security Controls -> Sharing Settings. I think the pages object is set to private as a default. you could either change the default or create a specific sharing rule for your guest users.

Thanks, Matthias that makes sense; the Page object was already set to Public Read Only. 

I did want to go ahead and mention that we did upgrade from 8.13 to 11.0.6. So we skipped quite a few major releases. We are also using the skuid:page Visualforce component approach. 

Hi Tim,

You mentioned that when you go to more page actions/share, that the Site Guest User does not show up. Can you post a screenshot of what you options you have? It should look something like this:

Hi Khamla, please see screenshot below. We do not have a public group for Site Users. When I change the dropdown to user the Site Guest User does not show up.

I’ll go ahead and look at creating a public group for Site Users. It is just odd to me that everything was working on Skuid 8.13, but maybe in the newer release, these sharing settings are enforced differently?

Thanks for your help.

Tim, Khamla, 2 things:

1. If the Page object’s Org-Wide Default Sharing Setting is “Public Read Only”, then you do not have to mess with page-specific manual sharing at all. If the “Access Level” setting only shows “Read/Write” as an option, then you do not need to do page-specific manual sharing — Site Guest Users will already have record-level access to the Skuid Page by virtue of the “Public Read Only” Org-Wide Default. So I think Tim’s good in this regard.

2. Are there any JavaScript errors? In Google Chrome you can check this by pressing “Command+Option+J” and then clicking on “Console”. 


There are no errors in the console. Please see screenshot below.

Tim, next question: in Production, can you go to “Skuid Settings” > “Component Packs”, and take a screenshot of that tab?

The reason I ask is that it appears that your public site is failing to load due to an error with Skuid loading the Core Component Pack, and i’m trying to see if there’s anything unusual with your Skuid Settings that may be causing a problem here.

Zach, please see below.

Thanks Tim. Everything looks good there. We’ll keep digging into this.

I really appreciate the help. I am available for a screen share session if that would help. Actually, I’m in Chattanooga as well. If you are at the Skuid headquarters, I can be at your place in 20 with my laptop and snacks ;D

Honestly… if you can be be here in the next hour, that’s cool with me :) 

If you’re serious I’m on my way.

Can you Grant Login Access to Skuid Support? That will help us be able to troubleshoot this further.

Yes, done.