Process builder not running on record create from Skuid UI

We have two process builder flows that populate information on an Opportunity from the Account upon creation of the Opportunity. The process flows run fine from the standard SFDC UI but when we create them in the Skuid UI, they don’t trigger. Bit of background - we’re creating records from a wizard but as part of the process, the Account is saved and created before the Opportunity fields are presented in the wizard. Any thoughts as to why they don’t want to play nice?

Your process builder, is it set to run on “only when a record is created”.

We’ve tested it both ways - “created” & “created or edited”

What about the criteria used? Can you provide screen shots of all the settings?


Installer_Account__c is Null = True (lookup field on the Opportunity)
[Opportunity].Owner.ContactID is Null = False

Immediate Actions:

Set Installer_Account__c to [Opportunity].Owner.Contact.AccountID

Do you have this on?

Still no dice even with it on…

Why not just use formula fields on the Opp and point back to the account?  It’s a child so it will work easily and that way you only need to maintain the data in one place.  Also, most reporting should be able to bring the account info onto an Opp report.