Problems with skuid in salesforce console app.

While loading a skuidpage in a console app, one skuid page periodically doesn’t load because of the following error in static resource skuidjs line 30:

Uncaught TypeError: sforce.console.isInConsole is not a function

I think this may be an issue due to a problem with salesforce not always having a value for isInConsole, but this is blocking us from releasing the console app to our production users.

If skuid js handled the case where sforce.console isn’t null, but sforce.console.isInConsole is, I think the page would still load. I would try changing this file myself but I don’t know of any way to change a static resource from a managed package.

Hi Michael, I’ll take a look at this. What version of Skuid are you running?

Also, can you grant us access to the org that is exhibiting this issue? If this is possible, follow the instructions in the link below.…

We can make that code change in an upcoming patch, but I’m just wondering what situation would cause sforce.console to be defined, but sforce.console.isInConsole to not be defined.

Sorry for the delayed response. I gave you access to our 00D8A0000000Mxu org. In the LiveAgent Console when viewing the AccountCCA skuid page.

Hi Michael,

On your AccountCCA Page you’re loading in an external resource of /support/console/20.0/integration.js. Skuid is already loading in this file, except for version API version 34. I think these two libraries are conflicting. Also, I looked at version 20.0 of integration.js and it doesn’t even have an IsInConsole function defined.

I would try removing this external resource and see if you are still having issues.

Also, I noticed that you’re running version 7.7 of Banzai. We’ve fixed a lot of bugs since that version, so upgrading to the latest version is recommended.

Thanks Ben!
I first upgraded Banzai, but the issue was the library conflict from the external resource.