Problems with picklist fields


I am having multiple issues on the display of picklist fields in Spark pages. I have a UI only picklist called ‘State/Province’ that pulls in values based on a model that stores states and provinces as records and filters based on US states and territories. This means there are 57 possible options for this field. It must be a drop-down picklist, so what is happening is the list does not wrap, and instead increases the length of the page by about 100%. Is there a way to wrap the options of a picklist field to a certain number of pixels so the user can just scroll in a small box? I assumed that would be in the design system, but that does not support picklist components, only radio buttons for some reason.

My other issue is that the ‘None’ option does not appear to be working. I changed the ‘None Option Label’ to be ‘State/Province’, but the null state is still showing as ‘----’. When I make the field required and say to add a ‘none’ option, that doesn’t show up either. It’s always showing as ‘----’. Even forcing the value on the row won’t work. I defaulted the value of that field to be ‘State/Province’, and that is what shows up when I view the model in the console, but on the page it’s still appearing as ‘----’.

This seems like it is a bug, as all three of these solutions had no affect on what the page was showing.

Anyone have any info on these issues?


Hi Joe, thanks for bringing these issues to our attention.  What version of Skuid are you using? If you’re not on 12.2.10, please upgrade in a Sandbox environment and verify that the issue still occurs. 

If you still see the issue on the latest version of Skuid, make a basic page reproducing your error and share the xml here. That way we can take a look and see what’s going on.


Hi Anna, thanks for the resonse

We just upgraded to 12.2.10 and this issue just appeared on another picklist field. This is not happening on all picklist fields, so the sample pages I am making don’t show it. It may be custom fields that it’s happening on. But still, it’s happening both when I’m using the SF field picklist values and when I override the metadata and add the values manually.

Also, this only appears to be happening on v1. This has not occured on our v2 pages.

Thanks for the additional information, Joe, and sorry for the delayed response. I’ve tried to reproduce these issues with a custom picklist field in both a table and a field editor and so far have not been successful. 

  • To verify, your question about modifying the size of the option list also refers to V1? 
  • On the issue with the "none" option not appearing - it sounds like you've observed it in V1with custom fields, but not with standard fields.  In what component are you observing this behavior? 
  • It would help us if you could make a basic page reproducing your error using the instructions in that link. You can use a custom picklist on a Skuid custom object field, like Module__c. Any screenshots of the issue would also be helpful.