Problem with rich text field and CKEditor in IE11 - Buttons missing and paste issue


I am working with a customer to test the hotfix that Skuid released to resolve the problem with record types and empty picklists.

We are testing Rockaway 8.15.17 on the Salesforce Summer release in a Sandbox. Using Internet Explorer 11, we note a difference in what buttons appear for the toolbar. This is the toolbar that appears in our production org on 8.15.8.

This is the toolbar that appears in our sandbox with 8.15.17 installed.

This is an issue for my customer as they make extensive use of the Paste button that no longer appears in 8.15.17 (when viewed using IE11). When trying to ‘right-click’ on the input area to bring up the ‘paste’ menu option, the ‘paste’ option flashes on the screen. It does not remain on the screen long enough to use it.

When using the shortcut key combination ‘Ctrl - V’ to paste text, Skuid does not seem to recognize that any text was pasted into the field. Here is a screenshot after pasting text into the field and attempting to save.

You must enter at least 1 character (a letter or number) to get Skuid to recognize the text that was pasted into the field. This problem with not recognizing the pasted text only appears if the rich text field appears in a pop up. When the field appears in a table or a field editor on the page, the ‘Ctrl-V’ shortcut works as expected. The toolbar, however, still has many fewer buttons (paste button is still missing).

In IE11 I do see the following error:

SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'gwfInjected' of undefined or null reference

File: ckeditor.js, Line: 599, Column: 13

We do not see any issues in FIrefox or Chrome.

Is there any fix for this issue?




There’s not a fix yet; we’ve notified our developers of these issues and will let you know when they’re fixed in a future release.


Thanks for the update.