Problem with Page Builder

I recently updated to Skuid Brooklyn, but am now unable to edit some of my existing pages. When I try and load the pageBuilder I just get a blank page.

When I look at the page in chrome console I see the following:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘defaultStateGenerator’ of undefined at g.componentRenderer (…)
at g.renderComponent (
at e.refresh (
at new e (
at b (
at c (
at Element. (
at Function.each (
at o.fn.init.each (
at f.refresh (

Not sure how to proceed as I am unable to access or change anything on the page.

Any help appreciated.


Any Table components on the page with Export enabled?

Yes, I believe so.

FYI, I just fixed this by reading through some other threads and finding out there is an 1.1 update to the Brooklyn release with some hot fixes in. Installing that update has fixed my issue and allowed me back into the page builder.

For anyone from Skuid reading this, it might be worth circulating some correspondence to your customers advising of this update to save others going through the same issues at me.

If you’re on version 9.1 then version 9.2+ corrects this issue.

Thanks Pat, I found this out just as you posted.


So sorry this was an issue for you, but I’m glad you got it solved. We’ll see what we can do about circulating that information.