Problem with page assignments permissions.

I believe this to be a SFDC specific permissions error, but I was hoping to save some random searching, as SFDC permissions were clearly not designed by humans.

When editing a page assignment, I am unable to make entries into most of the fields. I can make skuid pages and edit existing pages I’ve made previously. If I switch to the system admin account, it works just fine.

If I create a new page assignment, the fields I should be able to edit are in yellow and not changeable.

I am going to dig into this right now, but I was wondering if anyone had any guesses.

You should look at field level security on the page assignment object.  Your profile probably doesn’t have field level security to a number of fields.  The system admin has access to all fields. 

That was exactly it, thanks so much Rob!

We’ve seen it before . Glad you could get it fixed. 

“as SFDC permissions were clearly not designed by humans” LOL!!!