problem initializing a component of type skuid__labelInput: Cannot read property 'neccesityAddendum'

There were 1 problems with this Skuid Page.

1: There was a problem initializing a component of type skuid__labelInput: Cannot read property ‘neccesityAddendum’ of undefined

This error occurs when I query an object. If I skip the action Query Model I do not get the error. The page works as designed in my sandbox but fails in production. Which leads me to believe something is wrong production object.

4skuidReqs.js:2 TypeError: Cannot read property ‘neccesityAddendum’ of undefined

at E.updateStyles (skuidRuntime.js:2)

at Object.E.o.forEach.r..cpi. [as updateStyles] (skuidReqs.js:2)

at E.init (skuidRuntime.js:2)

at B (skuidReqs.js:2)

at Function.createFromDefinition (skuidReqs.js:2)

at Object. (skuidReqs.js:2)

at Function.each (vendor.js:2)

at q (skuidReqs.js:2)

at E.createChildComponents (skuidReqs.js:2)

at E.createChildComponent (skuidReqs.js:2)

s @ skuidReqs.js:2

Any ideas?

Hi Bill! Our product team is currently investigating this issue.

Affects: Form style variants created using the “clone” button when a required field is present at runtime

Workarounds: Use the default style variant, or a new variant created using the “add” button rather than the clone button.

Sorry for the inconvenience and we’ll let you know when the issue is resolved.

That is the problem.

I have tried:

Default, Ink, Lightning, Product Tour and a custom Design system and they all work. My custom design system “MyDorothy” creates the error.

Anna, is there a solution for this issue?

Hi Bill, not yet. The product team is looking into this and we’ll let you know when it’s fixed on the product side.

For now the workarounds are to use a different design system or with your “MyDorothy” design system create a new form variant using the “add” button - this new variant should work without throwing the error.

I have made nearly 100 component modifications in Which component is causing the issue?

It will be one of the Form component custom variants. I suggest creating a page with a simple form with a required field on it and testing out your different form variants to see which one is causing the issues.

Here is where one of the errors is occurring in Design System. If I make a copy of the “field” component with no changes. Then in a wrapper I put a currency field and mark it “Required”. I get the error.

It does not happen if not required or if I use the default style.

Is there a solution?

Hey @Bill ,

Still looking into this. If I can ask, where are you applying the style variant? Also what Skuid version are you on?