Problem in showing row icons while using Global Search in IE

I am using Global search feature which is available in the Banzai release. I have selected Return Object as Accounts and have added row actions to it. I have limited my search to return 5 results only but when I click on ‘View’ it shows me all the search results. the problem I am facing is while I do the search, I am able to see the row actions I added to the return Object i.e. Account but when I click on ‘View’  the popup with all the search results doesn’t show me the row icons. It works fine in Mozilla or Chrome but not in IE.

Hmm. Two things here. 

1. The return limit only affects what is shown in the drop down preview.  50 relevant records are returned into the full results screen.  This cannot be configured. 

2. The icon shows in the drop down preview,  but you are correct it is missing in the full results screen in IE.  Thanks for pointing out this bug.