Printing full Skuid Page via Preview Mode

Hi, I have used Evernote Snippet tool, Awsome Screenshot, print the the previewed page as PDF and I keep getting the first page only and I need a way evaluate what has been built out.

Can you give us some more details about this screenshot tool?  We are not familiar with it. 

Hey Rob, no worries, apparently for the screenshot tools I was using, they only capture a limited amount of screen space. I was looking at a page that was just expanding and expanding, working on it was not easy. My workaround - took screenshots of the page I was seeing page by page.

There are a number of full page screen capture utilities that will scroll the page and capture all the pieces.  This gives you an image that is as long as your page.  I’m not sure how well it would print - but it would give you a full picture of your LOONG page.