Prevent auto-zoom on text fields in mobile safari?

I built a page in the regular (not mobile) builder. I tried to keep it mobile friiendly in layout.It loads on iPhone 7 plus fine, but editing text fields cause mobile safari to zoom in. That doesn’t happen in pages built in mobile builder, so there must be a way to stop it. Anyone know what that way is. It is harshing my mellow.

Answer: change the font size of all edit mode components on the page to 16px or larger.

Also, I stole “harshing my mellow” from someone else in the community. Made me laugh.

“Harshing my mellow” is my new favorite quote on the community. I too laughed at the other post.

This is a year old, but I did find a solution to this:
Add a template at the top of your page with: and HTML checked.

Nice. Thanks Monsour.