Preset Default Component Preferences


I’m wondering if this idea was already proposed, but I think it can help saving Admin time with repetitive tasks

Example It would be nice if for each component we can set 'Preset: settings that we usually use

Button set & Field Editor: by default of all my pages buttons we always place them on the left, so would be nice if somewhere i could set this as default for our org

Default mode for Field Editor, currently always Read with Inline

Responsive grid: the Default Column & row gutter size

Those are just couple examples, but basically all the options on each component, if we could set default values.


Hi Dave! Thank you for your post - this is absolutely something we are considering for Skuid’s roadmap in 2021, and it has been requested a number of times. The specific examples you gave are helpful. How much time do you think you would save per month if you could set component presets/defaults?

Thanks again, and happy holidays!

Hey Matt, probably a couple hours a month at minimum for sure, but more than time it’s the frustration of having to redo always the same actions, so on top of time we could save some of the little sanity most of us have left :smiley:

Also another idea, not sure if should do a different post for it, but a way to clone component into a different place than same page. Example on main page i have a complex table i want to copy/paste into a popup, for now the only way is through the XML. Would be nice if the clone ask us where to place the cloned version, instead of just under by default


Happy Holidays as well!