pre-populating the same contct fields, when i selecting the contact object through lookup

when i select the existing contact from lookup, i want to display those contact details in same page.i have added some screen shots.please check

contact lookup filed for selecting the contact

when i select the existing contact from the above firld

once contact is selected, i need to autu populate the contact fields what ever i am selected display in same page.

can any one help me. thanks in advance

Sounds like you need to set the value of a condition on your Contact model to the contact selected in your lookup, and then query your Contact model.

You could do that with a model action on your lookup model (i.e. when a row is updated… the specific lookup field), or with a pagetitle button next to your field that the user could click after they select the contact.

Hi Raj~

To expand on one of Matt’s suggestions.

Is this what you are trying to do? Here, I am on an opportunity detail page and wanting to add contact roles via a table. You will notice that the table includes several fields from the contact object (email, home/mobile/other phone, age).

I can use the magnifying glass to search for the right contact.

When I select the contact I want, you’ll see that the info from their contact record got populated.

If this is what you are trying to do, here is how I did it.

On the ContactRole model, add a model action that triggers when a row in the model is updated & specify the field(s) that you care about having been updated.

The actions you will want are these:

  1. Save changes to your models.
  2. Query the ContactRole model to bring in the data from the contact record.

Hope this helps!