Pre-Populate the Account name (look-up) field On the Case layout pop-up.


I have Detail Page for entitlements. All the entitlements that we have are tied to accounts. SO When i say i am on an entitlement detail page, it is related to an account.

On the detail page, I created a pop-up button from which we can create a new case related to the entitlement. When the pop up opens, it shows all the fields that are to be filled to file a case. Among these fields, account is a look up field from which we have to select what account is the entitlement tied to.

My Case creation pop up looks something like this.

No My issue is, Is there any way to auto populate the account field. So whenever there is a need to create a case, we will create a case from the pop up and when the pop up is opened the account name should be populated automatically (The account name should be same as what we see on the entitlement detail page ) on the New Case Layout.

My entitlement detail page looks like this:

How can i solve this issue?