Pre-Populate Dependent Picklist fields

I have a custom object with several fields that are dependent on one another, and it’s a many to one relationship: Domain, Subject, Focus Area, and Topic. 

Domains have multiple Subjects which have multiple Focus Areas. I want it so that when an end user chooses a Focus Area, it automatically populates the Domain and Subject. I know how to populate a “Single Specified Value”, but I’m not sure how to auto-populate the Domain and Subject based on the Focus Area that is chosen.

Any Ideas? Thank you!

You could set up workflow rules but that requires a server-side call.  Assuming that you want to reduce/eliminate server-side calls, you can try the Action framework.  Set up an action so that when the Focus Area is updated, you populate the Domain and Subject with proper values.  You can use a JS snippet to update the fields if logic is needed.

I’m currently using the action framework, but I’m creating new records. But, in the action framework it doesn’t look like I can have the Domain and Subject auto-populate based on the Focus Area that is chosen. I’m not familiar with JS snippets, so it sounds like my only other option would be to use a Wizard?

Yes, you could do this with a wizard.I hadn’t thought of the wizard component in that light before, but it really is the skuid way of implementing conditionals without using any javascript.

Thanks Matt, I appreciate the help.