Post Patch Static Resource image rendering issue

Likely SF patch related… I have installed the Rockaway patch released last night, which cleared up my CSS issue.

We use progress indicator images stored as static resources, and a formula field (text) to pick which resource to display. Like this:

Post SF Patch 5 and the Rockaway patch, the image is not displaying in Skuid:

Image displays just fine on the native SF page:

This is a new break - these were working just fine before the patch.

Two approaches:

(a) In Skuid pages, use Conditionally-Rendered Image components, rather than the Formula Field with IMAGE() functions . Add an Image component for each stage to your Skuid page, and Conditionally Render each one for a particular stage. The Image component has been fixed to work around the Patch 5.0 issue, so this should work.

(b) Sticking with your formula field, you need to change the URL to be absolute, e.g., but in order for this to work in Production and your different Sandboxes, you would need to implement a Custom Setting to store your Salesforce base url  To get your Formula Field to work, I think you would need to implement a Custom Setting to store the “base url” for each Salesforce org, e.g. create a Hierarchy custom setting called “Org Details” and add a field called “Base Url”. In each Org you will need to populate the Org-Default record with the appropriate Base Url. Then in your Formula Field you can do something like this:

IMAGE($Setup.Org_Details__c.Base_Url__c & “/resource/NCMIR_Draft”,“Draft Status”)


Just wanted to check that this is no longer a problem since Salesforce rolled back their patch …